Struggling Point

Posted December 5, 2007 by livealoud
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The most challenging task

Posted May 8, 2007 by livealoud
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The interviewer asked me today what was the most challenging task I have faced. I had no specific tasks in mind because every task accomplished seems not so impossible when you look at them in retrospect. And so, I answered that the most challenging nature of tasks is to manage people, especially in terms of human relationships, managing different expectations among vested interests. The interviewer was quite shocked at my answer and he re-iterated you mean you have no challenging tasks till now?  Clearly, that was not what I meant. Nevertheless, I still threw 2 examples at him to illustrate my point on managing people.

Personally, I think managing people or dealing in human relationships is always the most challenging. Sometimes, people put on a facade to please people. Sometimes, you know something but you have to pretend not to know and at times, you are disappointed at how some “friends” can do things that you cannot comprehend. Maybe, there are no true friends anymore. Then you have the colleagues where everything is on a superficial and merely professional level. Colleagues will be very different from classmates…even from university classmates and the usual group of people you will hang out with and joke around with.

Welcome to the working world.

New Blog New Post

Posted April 18, 2007 by livealoud
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Sadly, the domain for has expired and so, visitors going to will be disappointed to see the placeholder instead of the usual sight. Lol. But, there are not many visitors in the first place and so there are not much differences. Ha.

The day after my birthday. The day when I did my HYP presentation. Birthday was great and I shall leave that to another post in the future. HYP presentation did not go too well. There were conceptual errors with my research model and some hypothesis generated did not make sense according to the first and second evaluator respectively. The only thing they probably agree is that I over-generalise my implications. Ha. But, I did learn something from the evaluators but that should not be the attitude that I should be showing. It should have been more of a defending stance: arguing your way out to show the evaluators that you are confident of what you are doing and not admitting your mistakes to them. ^bang head^. Wrong attitude, wrong timing.

And as I was doing the draft for my professor, I realised more mistakes. Grammer, numbering and formatting. ^bang head harder^ And I thought I spend so many days reading and re-working on my drafts. All these just to show that when you are too deep into something, you just don’t see the flaws. You need to get out of it and come back to it again. Ha. Mistakes mistakes.

I guess my first class is gone. No A- for HYP, no first class. So why am I so bothered about it? Am I worried about failures? I think I am afraid of failing. I know that should not be the way. Am I concerned about people’s expectations on me or my personal expectations. People will think that¬† I will most probably hit first class but I doubt I will. But I will feel very tui if I do not secure it. 4 years of hard work and it all boils down to the last stage. I will feel so unjustified. Haha.

Haiz. Don’t know to find it funny or to lament. Ha. Well, a brand new day starts tomorrow. And I shall just put my mind into revision for exams.